Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hunting Creek Labs

Boss X Sugar Litter

Sugar is a really fine hunting dog. I primarily used her for upland hunting. She has a first and third place toward her amateur championship. If I could have hit the birds she would have 3 first place wins.One can see the results of this on this site:

Sugar is also a fine waterfowl retriever. She loves the water and has an aggressive entry in the water. Sugar is a product of several years of selective breeding of very good hunting dogs. She has a very mild disposition and is very lovable with a lot of prey drive.

She is bred to a son of FC/AFC Creek Robber, GHRCH Burdett Owns Some'n Special SH(Boss). Boss is currently running AKC Master Hunt test and has two legs on his Master Hunter Title

These pups will probably all be black.They will be ready Christmas Day.

These pups will have dew claws removed, wormed, first shots, and most importantly introduced to birds. Pups will have a 26 mo. written health guarantee on hips and elbows.

I have six black females and four black males available.

$200.00 deposit will guarantee you pick. Call 336-682-3456 if you want additional Information.


White Pine's Lots of Lottie SH (FC Lottie's Sherman Tank X FC CAFC Canterbury's Bet on Black) currently has three legs on her Master Title.I am currently continuing to campaign her MH title. She is a very good marker. Loves the water and does not know quit. She goes and returns on marks and blind very aggressively. I have bred Lottie and her pups are due 2-14-09 to FC AFC Small Craft Advisory. This will be a repeat breeding. If you want a pup that will make you proud, this is a breeding you will want to add to your kennel. The grand sires, grand dams, great grand sires and great grand dams have sired or given birth to 251 + FC's. Reserve you next winner NOW. I will have black and yellow pups. $250.00 deposit will reserve your pick now. Reference about first litter are available on request.

Hunting Creek’s Dash of Pepper MH
Owner: James & Michelle Bryson

Dash completed his AKC Master Title in May 2008. He is an accomplished waterfowl and upland hunting dog. He is currently running in the Upland Classic Series.
In his spare time, he is a house dog that entertains two little girls when he is not doing his impersonation of a rug. You may have seen his picture on a few calendars or screen savers.
He has the classic look of an American Labrador. He is a very strong swimmer and runs like a race horse. I could not ask for a better dog. He has the personality and calmness to live in the house while still maintaining an extremely high prey drive.


DOB 2-02-08
Sire: FC / AFC Small Craft Advisory, Dam: White Pine's Lots of Lottie
Excellent disposition with fantastic drive and loves water. Can pass a JH test now at 8 mo.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bret X Daisy Litter now 6 weeks

These pups are 6 weeks old and ready to go. The first pup has been taken, but there are 8 remaining. These pictures were no easy trick. These are some high energy pups. I feel very good about how these pups are developing.

Here is M2. He is going to be a big athletic hunt all day pup.

Here is M3. He is a good looking male with heavy ticking.

Here is F1. She is a beautiful pup with two liver patches on her left shoulder.

Here is another view.

Here is F2. She is another good looking pup with a wider stripe between her eyes.

Here is another view of F2.

Here is F1 liver.

F2 Liver

F3 Liver

F4 Liver

Monday, July 7, 2008

UPDATE on Bret X Daisy Litter!

Nine pups arrived on July 4th! There are three males and six females. The males are liver and white (like Bret). Of the females, four are solid liver and two are liver and white. Here are some pictures.



The Boys







Monday, June 23, 2008

July Litter - Bret X Daisy

This should be a very good litter between my 3 year old, Daisy, and Bret. Bret has an outstanding pedigree and is a great dog in his own right. The expected whelping is July 7th. Contact me if you are interested in putting down a deposit for one of these pups at

Here are some pictures of Bret on point:

Here is Bret's Pedigree and OFA:

Here is a picture of Daisy's pedigree:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

German Shorthaired Pointer Litter Expected

Last week I bred my two year old German Shorthaired Pointer, Daisy, with Bret. Bret is a Sire with great blood lines. I am expecting Daisy to whelp her first litter on June 28th.

Here is Daisy:

Bret's pedigree only has about 3 dogs in five generations (63 dogs) that do not have some type champion title in front or behind their names. Here is Bret: